Honda Motor Company

Creating intelligent products and increase the joy in people’s lives.


We couldn’t wait for the future — so we’re building it now. At Honda, The Power of Dreams drives us to create intelligent products that enhance mobility and increase the joy in people’s lives. We continue to draw inspiration from the visionary ideas of our namesake, Soichiro Honda. He saw incredible power in the freedom of mobility and used his imagination to change the world.

What did the client need?

Honda needed us to build and manage an easy-to-use website that provided great experience to their users, including vehicle infos, chat on-line, FAQ, recall infos, videos, service prices, find dealers,etc. We spent 4 months to build the customer service. We worked with Lean UX with sprints sessions. During all the process the client, users, developers were got involved and helped us to Design a better product.
Honda Brazil indentified 4 problems: 1) The users can't find how much will be cost their car repair; 2) Honda is receiving a lot of call from users, that would like to find dealers number phone; 3) The number of sales decreased on the last year; 4) The Honda customer service lost the position for Toyota and Hyundai on the last two years.

The Team

I have been working as a UX leader with these amazing guys:

Project Manager - Rafaello Virgili

UI Designer - Wellington Tavares

Product Manager - Marcos Chignalia

Business Manager - Raquel Inahara

Drupal team leader - Lucas Grecco

Drupal developer & Front End - Mario Zuany

Web Developer - Weslley Henrique

Front End - Juan Rocha


Jussi / Ogilvy - 2017

The Process

01. Interviewing key stakeholders

02. Reviewing all existing documents from client

03. Indentifying the Users

04. Analyse Dates from Google Analytics and Inspectlet.

05. Personas

06. Service Blueprint / User Journey

07. Sketch Session with the client and users

08. Usability test

09. Wireframe

01. Interviewing key stakeholders

In order to understand the business goal and create emphatize with our client, we talked with the Honda employes such as marketing, sales, call center, customer service and dealers car. We asked to them questions about their expectations, what they doing everyday.

02. Reviewing all existing documents from client

We requested all documents from client, Surveys, Excel documents, Data base, Researchs, Forms, Power point presentation,etc. This was important to measure what we need to create, modify and Plan to the process.

03. Indentifying the Users

Using Qualitative Research and data base, we talked with Honda's Users through telephone, Video conference and face to face conversation. Form with opened questions also was used to help us understand their behavior. Our goal with this step was figure out how they are using the car, How they used solve some problem with support of the Honda, consult repair price,etc. We tried to be more informal and let a good conversation.

04. Analyse Dates from Google Analytics, Inspectlet.

With help of the SEO Team we got analyse tha dates and had outputs to drive our decisions. We saw clicks, device category, key word, browser, city, gender, age, source.

05. Personas

After the 4 firsts steps we had a lot of information to create 4 differente personas. 2 women and 2 men, each one with different age, behavior,tecnology skills, model cars,etc.

06. Service Blueprint / User Journey

We created the service blueprint using the dates and infos of the users."

08. Sketch session with the client and users

We decided to schedule three weeks of co-creation with users and client. Users were invited to work with us for 2 hours a day as if they were members of the team. The client was invited just 2 times. There were 3 users at the same day. Users were already using the service and therefore had valuable insights about what we were creating. This was amazing because our client, the users and our team were aligned with the project.

09. Usability test

We did an usability test with the goal of uncovering pain points in Honda's website and Customer service process. We did the test using 8 people. We wanted to answer two questions: Can users easily find their vehicle and make an appointment with dealer car in order to fix their car's problem? / Can users find their manual of the vehicle?

10. Wireframe


Among a lot of tools existing, we decided to use Axure for Wireframe and prototypes. Team viewer, skype and lookback for usability test.